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I really wish someone would just slap me. No really, I do. Ask me how many times I have eaten at Carls Jr in the past week. Go ahead, I dare you to ask me. What's that? How many times have I eaten at Carls Jr this past week? I'll tell you how many...THREE. There are seven days in a week, and I have eaten at Carls Jr three times. You do the math. Gross right?
Here's the thing. I don't even really care for fast food, never have. I mean, naturally I just loovvee those carls jr burger-eating-bikini-girls commercials, but... oh wait, no that's husband. But seriously, if you say "Where should we go to lunch today?" I would never in a million years have suggested Carls Jr because I was "craving it". Or any fast food place for that matter! But then something happened...they got sweet potato fries. And one day, I tried those fries. And now, I am doomed. DOOMED I tell you! Have you tried their sweet potato fries? For your sake, I hope you don't. Because they are perfectly crisp and salty and DELICIOUS, and very addicting.
Don't worry too much though, because I am currently training for a 10k and I think that will be just the motivation I need to stop eating sweet potato fries. (Either that, or I will just run my 10k and it will melt off all the calories! That's how it works, right?)
Anyway, little guy has been a big help in the situation, as you can see. He searches through the fridge for something healthy for mama to eat instead of those gosh darn fries.

Fridge search

"Let's see's some I can't believe it's not butter... And how about some cheese to go along with it?? I'll take this whip cream for myself..."

Here's hoping for a week filled with running and vegetables. And only dreams filled with salty sweet potato fries.

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