I'm in love with today.

Muddy yard
Rain window

I know, I know, it's the middle of July and I should be wildly jealous of anyone in the world spending their day under the sun in a pool. But, instead I am happier then a rat eating cheese at this overcast, rainy day! I can't really explain it, but let me try. I spent the morning cleaning the house. This is pre-TT-y darn rare, for me to do some deep cleaning. What is it about storms that motivates one to clean, I ask?? I even did some laundry. Hot dawwg! Then I put little man down for his nap, and I climbed in my sheet-less bed (sheets were in the wash, because remember how I did laundry??) and I took a two hour nap. TWO hours! Awww this day just gets better and better. Ohh but it doesn't end there! Then we had some good ol' pb&j's, the kind with razzleberry jam so it really spices things up. And then I threw in Grey's anatomy reruns. Season two baby! You know, back before it went all crazy and killed off all the good characters. I get to watch George, and Izzy, and even Dr Burke. Oh how I've missed them. Those were the best days, I tell ya! And little guy has spent the entire day chillin in his diap. (That's cool talk for diaper.) And I haven't even done my hair.
See? Does this make you see why this storm is so fabulous?? That's not too mention how clean and fresh it smells outside. And cooollll. Ohhhh, cool air, how I missed you these past two weeks. I love Summer, don't get me wrong...but sometimes you need a break, even from the things you love. Am I right? I know, I usually am.
And I believe I will still love this weather tonight, when we head off to our favorite eating place, Texas Roadhouse. Not just because I get to eat a pink, juicy, undercooked steak, or even because I get to wear jeans and high heels without sweating like a pig. But mostly because I get to see my big brother, who we have missed like crazy and haven't seen in a year. A year!
Sometimes, just sometimes, Storms are the best.
Woop, gotta go-my tea kettle is whistling at me. It's saying, heyyy meggghhann, it's time for some gingerbread spice tea with honey! Perfect for a rainy day!

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