A sad little caramel apple that is wishing for Fall.

caramel apple

Two Falls ago a couple of friends and I made an attempt at our very first caramel apples. It took a lot of time, and our effort was not-so-rewarded...as you can see above. Sure, they still tasted great! But the presentation was a little...embarrassing, if you will.

Lately, as I'm sure you all noticed, it has been extremely hot outside. Hundred degree weather that makes me play hot potato with my steering wheel after it sits in the sun all day. The kind of weather that makes me and my little guy sit inside the house while the a/c blesses us with what it does best, and all the while we stare outside longingly and wish for a pool in the backyard. The kind of weather that has me wearing as little clothes as possible while still looking semi decent if I have to go outside between the hours of 10 and 5.

Now don't get me wrong, summertime is magical. And this summer sure has been good to us. The pool, hiking trips, camping, boating, rodeos, fairs...the works! But something weird is happening to me. And I can't figure out if it's having a 1 year old, or if it's owning our house, or if it's just me growing up a little...but I'm all sorts of antsy for fall. For cool air, changing leaves, scarves and boots, pumpkins and haystacks, soup and hot chocolate, my Birthday, husbands birthday...and by golly for another hopeful attempt at making caramel apples that people won't laugh at. {people = husband. he thought it was prreeetttyy hilarious. but he still ate the apple pictured above, so...I win.}

PS Will you please remind me this winter of how hot it was in August, and how maybe I shouldn't complain so much about a little cold and snow?? Okay but let's not talk about snow yet. I'm just not ready for that! Yet.

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