Why I love where I live, Reason#1,432.

Have I ever mentioned how much I love this Valley I live in? I love that it's a small town, but yet not too far of a drive away from the city and good shopping. I love the rolling fields, the green trees, the farms, the mountains. I love the old run down gas station on the corner, the antique store down the street, the red & yellow painted taco truck that parks at the end of the road and offers daily specials. I am surrounded by hiking trails, parks and rivers. I love that after a hot summer day, I have to wear a sweater to sit on the porch because it's so cool outside.

I really better stop there, or this could turn into a much longer post then I anticipated.

Another reason I love where I live is this little walkway following the canal on our street. Take an evening walk while the sun is going down, and you will feel the "my life is complete" feeling that everyone is looking for. Seriously, come try it!

ScenictreesweedsmountainsDan walksThis cute faceBench

Just the best I tell ya.

On that note, do you ever have those days when you're sort of just overwhelmed with love? Like, the feeling that God is sending you a message. Like He's saying, hey you-you're pretty great. I sure love you kid. ...well, anyway, today that was my day. And I love that I get these days when I reeallly need it. When I've had a little bit of a hard week, when I'm struggling and worrying a little bit more than I probably need to. And I tell you, I really needed that today. It was pretty darn great.

So I'm a little overwhelmed with gratitude and love today, which may turn me a little mushy. Which means, for all of our sake, I probably shouldn't be blogging...

And under the assumption that you all want a play by play of my life, little guy is fast asleep and the hubs is waiting on me so we can stick in a redbox and cuddle up on the couch with a big bowl of popcorn.

Today, life is good. Let's see what the upcoming week brings?!



  1. I love this post! I felt the same way yesterday- it has been such a hard week and yesterday was just so great with the blessing and our house and getting Zorro. We are truly blessed! Especially because we live in the greatest valley that God created!!

    1. Amen!! That blessing was so fabulous, little Tenley is such a precious little doll! And I'm so happy for you guys getting your house AND your little puppy, what a fun adventure!! Can't wait to meet the little guy! :)

  2. These are really gorgeous pictures, I totally understand why you are in love with where you live.