Happy Halloween, from the partypooper herself.

little firemanback of firemanblurry firemanHalloween Fam 

{i hope you can get past my crappy quality pixilated iphone pictures up there...}

Typically, I love me some Halloween! It's always been one of my favorite Holidays, coming just after the 4th of July, with Christmas following as a close third. I loved decking out in an awesome costume. Putting on Halloween makeup. Going to parties. Watching scary movies. Eating way too much candy. Oh, and not too mention all the cute little goblins that show up at the door to trick-or-treat!

But something is happening to me as the years pass. This getting older thing, it's changing me a little! Darnitalltoheck. Or maybe it's just a fluke... but whatever it is, this year I'm a little bit of a Halloween spoilsport. I just can't get into the spirit of it all! We don't have a single Halloween decoration in my house. Not a one! All the scary movies I've been watching just put me in a bad mood and made me extra jumpy. We didn't go to a haunted house or a corn maze. And I didn't even plan a family group costume, or even go out and buy costumes at all for heavens sake. I scrounged through my moms Halloween box and found anything that would fit! (besides that bloody mask. that's been around for years. ugly little thing, no??)

And as I keep trying to "get into the spirit" of this ghostly season, all I find myself thinking about is Thanksgiving. Now THAT, that I am excited for! My stomach is grumbling just thinking about it.

So ohwell, here it is, Halloween day. My little fireman is going to be so excited tonight, knocking on doors, flashing his little grin, trying to say "trick-or-treat" in his sweet little voice, and getting mad at us when we won't let him eat every bit of candy he picks up. I will take loads of pictures, and we will stay up late, hyped on sugar, to watch a good movie.

And I'll try to rememeber that I kind of do like Halloween a little.

Happy Halloween to you and yours! Be safe out there!

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