Picking Pears

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 I know you would never guess it, due to my tough exterior, but I am nothin' but a sucker for romantic. And I'm not talking about covering the bed with rose petals... I'm talking about the anne of green gables kind of romantic. Apple orchards. The sound of a crackling fire in a real live fireplace. Afternoon strolls through the meadow. Drinking lemonade on the veranda. You know, that kind of romantic.

Fruit trees in the fall, well they are in the heart of romantic.

Sure, they are nothing but a pain in the tush 99% of the time... old bruised fruit lying on the grass, just waiting to be stepped on by an unsuspecting passerby who will wear a shoe print of mush. Hours upon days of standing on ladders to pick the fruit, when you just could have sworn you already got it all! Filling baskets and bags and more baskets and bags... Canning, mixing, crockpot-ing, drying, filling up freezers and dropping extra bags on neighbors porches... wheww, what work! (And of course, I'm speaking from my childhood thus far. Because, see, we don't have fruit trees at our new home...)

Well that's the point really. The point that: not having a fruit tree of your own, yet reaping the benefits from someone else's fruit tree, this is the best way to plan it. You get one romantic afternoon of beautiful weather to tromp around in the crunchy, fallen leaves of autumn and pick to your hearts content. One afternoon to fill up a couple of old woven baskets, and take home a months worth of fresh, juicy pears.

That, my friends... That is the life.

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