A u-TAH shout out.

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So, I've been thinking a lot about something random and completely uneventful. (I think we've established by now that I do that a lot.) And sometimes, if I think about the same random thing too many times, I have no choice but to put it in words on paper. (er, on the interweb.)

And this doesn't go for everything, because I ponder a lot of things over and over again that I don't write overdrawn posts about. Like, should I start drinking diet soda now? and, why do I look so different in every mirror? which reflection is the real me??

Okay here's the thing. (how many times do I start a paragraph like that??) The thing is, sometimes I let things get to my head. When I watch tv and surf the internet (like a pro! i'm really, really good at surfing the internet you guys. seriously.) I find a lot of things that make me question something. This question is this: am I a loser because I live in utah?

That sounded harsh. Well, it kind of is. But this is my thinking. I grew up here, and I'm still here. I live in a small, college town. I can't go to the grocery store without running into at least one person I know. And also, the biggest factor, that people ask you where you are from and if you say utah, they kind of laugh at you. The other day I was watching "my super ex-girlfriend" on tv. There is this one scene when luke wilson (don't you just love that guy?!) says to his gf: "Go and hide out somewhere. San Diego, Tahiti, Utah. No! Not Utah. Utah sucks." And would you know, I was genuinley offended!

Well I've had some talks with myself about the matter. (another thing I think we've established that I do often...) And the real truth of the matter is, that I love it here. I mean sure, me and utah we have some real disagreements and all. But if I write a list of the good and bad of living here, well would you know that the good list far outweighs the bad? It's true, really!

That's not to say I don't love to travel and get around. Husband and I have high expectations of yearly trips to disneyland with the wee ones. Backpacking through europe. Seeing new york. Laying on the beaches of mexico more often. But I'm always one to love home. This, this is home.

I do sometimes pretend like I'm a city girl. Solely because those city girls, they just seem fabulous don't they?! It seems like such a fun life to live. Yet, I know without a doubt in my mind that it's not for me... this here, this is for me. Feeling (mostly) safe when my kids play outside. Knowing so many people around town. The beauty of nature that surrounds me. The "rustic" look. The harsh change of seasons. The options of extracurricular activities! The familiarity. The small town feel. Living close enough to family, that my kids will have the fondest memories of playing with grandparents and cousins on a weekly basis.

So I don't really need to keep talking myself into the fact that I'm not lame, just because I live where I do. I can be fabulous and live in a small utah town! Right? Right.

That being said, I'm starting to get the Spring itch already. I know winter is just starting, so as per usual, I've got a long winter ahead of me. Is anyone really surprised??! My dreams are filled with salt water taffys and naps in the hammock. Because the biggest downfall to living here is...I'm just a warm weather girl at heart.

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  1. You never need to feel lame for living in Utah. It's beautiful there. I ran into someone recently who noticed I was wearing a Utah State sweatshirt and they said, "We love your state!" There are people outside of Utah that don't think it's lame. And for all the haters, I think they are probably looking for the bad. Utah has a bunch of negative stereotypes and they get stuck in people's heads and get blown way out of proportion. You can be happy or negative wherever you live. It's your choice. And if you're choosing to love the small town life, the mountains, the sunshine, the farmer's markets, the walking trails, the USU basketball games, and your family and friends close by, you're so much better off. :)