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>> i've been watching a lot of sex & the city, and this week i came to a sad realization. i'm so much like carrie bradshaw. and this is sad because sarah jessica parker drives me absolutely nuts!
>> i've been chewing so much gum that my teeth hurt. but i just keep chewing. strange?
>> we got our family pictures back. LOVE them!
>> enforced a "no tv/movies" rule for mister J (outside of ipad while driving), and it has proved to be the best thing.
>> on that note, came up with a "winter activites" list to keep us all active and happy, and I'm very excited about it!
>> i continue to be pathetically addicted to soda. i've told myself everyday for the past two weeks that i would stop drinking today. needless to say, i had a dr. pepper with breakfast this morning.
>> i got hit on 3 times! and not by old, strange men, mind you. i'm pro at flashing my wedding ring for the boys to see when this happens, but that being said...being hit on by young college boys does nothing but boost ones self esteem. you know, when you're a 28 year old mom.
>> found a fabulous new treadmill workout motivation from minka kelly herself! someone please get my lazy butt on a treadmill!
>> i've fallen in love with the ps express photo editing app
>> speaking of photoshop, almost done with family christmas cards! i'm so excited about them. 1, because i'm new at this design thing and i love it! and 2, because what better to bring in the holiday season then to listen to christmas music while sipping hot cocoa and addressing christmas cards?!
>> been craving cinnamon bears and salt water taffy
>> got shocked when scanning an item at the self checkout, and my middle finger STILL hurts.
>> lost daddy's beanie. you want to hear this story? okay:
me: "can jace wear your beanie to preschool today? it covers his ears better than his little one."
husband: "uh, i guess. as long as they don't lose it."
me: "teacher michelle has never lost anything i've taken there." (red flag! famous last words!)
and sure enough. picked j up from preschool, and bam-they couldn't find the beanie anywhere.
my bad... (i'm reeaaalllyyy sorry!!!)

now don't be jealous or anything, but we are getting ready to leave town for the weekend. our first (of two!) thanksgiving dinner! i've got big plans of eating too much, wearing sweatpants all day, playing the "name that commercial" game all night long, and getting real nice and pruney in the hot tub.

hap-hap-HAPPY friday!

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