A week in pictures & 4 o'clock in the morning...

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The past 7 days:

>> tea
>> sunny Autumn walks (which is laughable now, as I write this while it's snowing outside...)
>> usu basketball
>> dirty hair
>> more pumpkin baking
>> some garden building
>> and you would never guess by the pictures that we spent the majority of the week home sick!

Would you know, the past three days in a row I've woken up at 4 in the morning?! How 'bout that.

The first night was because mister J decided 4 was the new 9. He woke up all, "Hey mom! Play with me!" Which is so bizarre. A glass of water, three storybooks, and a half hour of the rocking chair later, he finally fell back asleep.

The second night husband and I woke up to a god-awful smell and a very sorry little puppy cowering on the floor next to the bed. Yep, little lady got sick and couldn't hold it in. And everybody loves a good wet-vacuum clean up at 4 in the morning! (this also happened to be the night that husband sprayed hairspray instead of air freshener in the bedroom. okay,okay *almost*. but I kind of wish he would have actually done it, because that would be a much funnier story!)

Then the third night (aka this morning) we woke up to the wind howling like crazy and a neighbors dog barking outside. Really, who leaves their dog out in a snowstorm?! This was followed by taking care of a leak husband found in the utility closet.

So now, please bless that this 4 in the morning streak is over! I'm beat!

Don't be bothered that Christmas music is playing on the radio right now at our house. This snow is not ideal, but I'm just relieved that I get to be cooped up in the house with my little guy, instead of out driving in the slush! So I'll take it. Just this time.

And now, do you think a Christmas movie this weekend would be too much? Yeah, me too. I'm not ready for that yet. But me, meg ryan, and a bowl of chocolate chips...we have big plans. Because "you've got mail" doesn't count as a christmas movie, right??

Happy Friday friends. May your days be merry and bright! And may all your christmases be white! (because that's stuck in my head now.)


this oversized sweater that I'm longing for. especially now that it's really winter!

speaking of winter, these leggings.

this soup that I can't wait to try.

starting to design our family christmas cards! oh joy! (too much?)

these cookies for thanksgiving. (did you know they make pumpkin spice kisses?!! i'm in heaven!!!)

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