Our version of Zombieland.


The past few days have been blurred together in one lump of hazy memories. You know that feeling, when you feel a little like a zombie would feel? When the life is sucked out of you while you take care of sick boys, or lay on the couch feeling sick yourself? When sex & the city reruns play endlessly on the tv all day long? 

I need a shower. My eyes won't wake up. My hair is disgusting. My lips have the taste of stale metal stuck on them. My head is making me ever so understanding of what it must feel like to be a balloon. And to top off my humiliation, there are exactly six lovely little zits that have taken residence on my pale, freckled face. 

One good thing that comes from sick days is being able to spend my days cuddling with my sweet little guy. My sweet little guy who, might I add, has started telling me he loves me and giving me kisses on the mouth! The cutest, overexaggerated slobbery kisses I ever did have. Oh my goodness, the love!

The bad thing (okay, okay, one of the many bad things...) that comes from sick days is that the pile of "to-do's" on my desk that is making it's way to the sky. 

Well anyway I did do the dishes and tidy up the living room and kitchen today. That's a pretty big accomplishment, right?? Not to mention here I am, posting on my blog! Accomplishment numero dos! Go me.

I know you were all hoping I'd get on here to write something serious. You know, like how I feel about the election or something like that. But sorry to disappoint, this is not a serious post! In fact, this a completely nonsense post. A post to tell you about my house of sickies and that is that.

Maybe you'll get luckier in a couple days. Come back then.

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