A week in pictures. Already?!

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{I cringe at the bad quality pictures being posted 'round here. and I'm really, really sorry about that. But rumor has it that Santa might be bringing me this camera for christmas... and I just. can't. wait. so bear with me for a couple more months of crappy quality pictures? It will get better soon!}

This week was contridicting, in that it seemed so long, yet I can't believe it's already another week in pictures post!!? Ugh. And Yay! All at the same time!

The past seven days:

>> halloween parties
>> too much sugar (and I thought there was no such thing...ha!)
>> a new favorite movie (pitch perfect! go see it and laugh your tail off!)
>> a long, overload of a work week
>> homemade appetizers
>> anne of green gables
>> a record breaking warm halloween! awesome.
>> pear picking
>> followed by lots of pear eating
>> pumpkin snickerdoodles
>> beautiful sunsets
>> an excessive amount of watching "robots" and "pbs kids"

I'm sort of tired just writing about our week.

It doesn't sound like much maybe, but I'm exhausted! And in all honesty, I'm pretty relieved Halloween is over. I am ready for some change! Change of weather, change of Holidays...and please, PLEASE, for the love of pete!, a change from this slump of too much junk food! I need myself a nice, long run. You know, the kind of run that really kicks you right in the rear end.

I have high hopes that a good change is on it's way.

And you guys, we only have 3 more weeks until our FIRST thanksgiving dinner!!? That's right, we get TWO thanksgiving dinners. On two seperate days. Be jealous.

Happy Friday friends!


this commercial. i kind of love it.

this new blog i stumbled upon.

this nude lips combo.

this new project I'm working on.

this album.

and I really, really can't wait to try this!


  1. I've never clicked on the links at the bottom of your blog until today. What a great idea! Love it. I wanted to mention I especially loved the laughter commercial. About a year and a half ago I was on a mission to collect my friends' laughs and make a video of it. I got a few. Anyway, that commercial sort of re-inspired me. Laughter is such a wonderful thing.

  2. OH man i wish i could go on a butt kickin run!!!! I am so jealous!!!