Why I'm kind of the best wife ever.

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{this totally unrelated picture is proof that my little guy is turning pro at puckering up on command. or, as my brother says, doing the duck face.}

so i don't know about you, but me, i love fashion shows. it's all so out there, and sometimes even weird, but i like it because it's so artsy. you know what i mean? and at the risk of being judged by all of you judgers, i'm just going to tell the truth...every year i get suckered into the victoria's secret fashion show. because, i kind of genuinely love it.

the last couple of years i've watched it with hubs by my side. bless his heart, can you believe that he would make such a huge sacrifice as watching half naked babes walking down the runway in their 2.5 million dollar bras and such?! ahh, he's such a trooper. it must be so miserable.

well yesterday was tuesday, did you know. tuesdays are the longest days of the week for me. i work a full 8 hour shift, and it's really the monday to my week. the poo cherry to my crap sundae. ohhhkay, it's really not that bad. but i mean, we all agree those mondays are just dreary sometimes?! so i allow myself some treats on my tuesdays. that being, i get the new issue of people magazine (well, it's for the  office. but i get to be the first reader!) and i also add a large soda to the mix. because, well, i deserve it.

it so happens that as i was reading my people yesterday, i discovered an advertisement for the VSFashion show. tuesday night! on cbs! 10/9 central!

immediatly i sent a text to hubs. it read, and i quote: the victoria secret fashion show is tonight!! woo woo! invite the boys! (wink) ...but really, we're watching that okay?

i then immediatly followed my text to hubs with a text to his two bff's. i sort of jokingly but mostly seriously invited them to come over to our house for the show. and i informed them i would make cookies!

well, this turned out to be the best decision i could make. because, you see, sometimes (all of the time) the hubs makes little jokes. and what fun are his smart little jokes and lines when his wifey is ignorning him and rolling her eyes? he needed his wingmen to joke with him, and most importantly to laugh at his jokes. while we all talked about fake vs real boobs, and if they looked pretty without their makeup, and why they had oversized flowers glued to their backs, and if anyone really bought that 2.5 million dollar bra??!

and we ate sugar cookies frosted with christmas sprinkles. and i laughed with the boys, and they acted their most gentlemen-est that they could, being around a lady, you know, even though they treat me like one of the guys.

and then we all watched the ten o'clock news, and i gave the sad news that i didn't dvr the fashion show so they all had to go home empty handed.

and in my defense, i will never let mister J watch it. because, you know, he'll always be a two year old innocent, sweet little boy anyway. (and i bet husbands mom thought that once??!)

but it reminds me of a line from only one of the best shows ever made, friends. "cookies and porn?! you're the best mom ever!"

well there you go. judge me, if you will, but i kind of don't care. because i do what i do, and i watch what i watch, and sometimes i happen to score major points by doing it.

{if you made it through that story, major props!}

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  1. Love you megs!! I like your style :D Just sad i missed the show LOL