A picture a day. Better late than never?!

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// Monday: vintage alphabet cards hung in mister J's big boy room
// Tuesday: Making funny faces after bath time
// Wednesday: Middle of the night love day preparations
// Thursday: A box of red velvet cupcakes from my sweetheart
// Friday: A sunny trip to the city with my mom and sister (where I bought my first fedora!)
// Saturday: Coloring while waiting for dinner at firehouse
// Sunday: A lovely german pancake breakfast with good friends

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Happy Monday friends! Since I always have Mondays off, I forget today is a holiday. At least I remembered before I tried going to the bank or the post office, which I usually do only on holidays, because that's the kind of life I live.

Today we have big plans of watching lots of peter pan and doing lots of laundry. And I might even squeeze in some cookie baking and crock pot cooking. Oh, and hometown dates tonight! So, it should be a good day over here.

PS I am getting ready to do a hair tutorial for you girls, due to some requests I've been getting. I'm feeling a little ridiculous about it, so be nice to me! Will be coming soon-ish...

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