Oh The Bachelor...

Oh the bachelor. To think about it in the whole scheme of things, including but not limited to how many couples in the bachelor history have actually made it without breaking up, it's all largely pathetic is it not? And yet, every year I find my self sitting on the couch every monday night in total anticipation of the drama it will bring. I find myself overeating in nervousness and covering my eyes while these poor girls embarrass themselves on national television. I even fall in love with some of those girls. And I sometimes follow their twitter feeds, you know, if I really like them.

And now we are on to the hometown dates, and isn't that the best?! I am all too excited to watch Sean squirm while he asks their dads for permission to possibly marry their daughter, so long as he doesn't decide on one of the other three girlfriends he has. Because what daughter loving father wouldn't want that in a son in law??

So I know, I know, you are all dying to hear my opinion on the girls that are left.

First of all, praise the lord that Tierra finally went home!Am I right??!

Okay, so AshLee. She is just the sweetest. THE SWEETEST. I might have shed a tear when she was first telling her adoption story. But that being said, I think she is a tad too serious. She is always crying, that girl, and you can only cry so much before it sort of gets to be too much. I wish she was more laid back and fun going. I just don't see the chemistry there. Sad.

Lindsay. From the moment she stepped out in that silly wedding dress, I haven't liked this girl. And bless her heart she is nice enough I guess, but for some reason she just drives me nuts.

Des. Who didn't love Des from the beginning? I thought she was super sweet and genuine. I still think that, not to mention super cute. But I'm a little worried with those previews into hometown and her crazy brother that calls Sean a playboy. Uh, that's going to be a dealbreaker, pretty sure...

Catherine. If I were Sean, I would marry Catherine. Heck, if I weren't married I would marry Catherine! Okay, kidding. But I sort of fell in love with her and sean together on their one on one last week. She is so real, down to earth and super laid back. They are the best together! Plus I love her nose stud. Annnd, well, she's gorgeous.

And that's my take on the girls. I can't wait for hometown dates next week! If you'd like to join me, I'll have plenty of popcorn for us all! ;)

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  1. Oh the Bachelor. But seriously, I have not liked Lindsay from the very beginning. I think she's nice but if you notice her and Sean have no real chemistry. All they ever do is make-out. I never hear them actually having a serious conversation, so annoying. And now that Des has gone home I've lost all hope. The only thing to restore it is if he chooses Catherine!
    xo TJ