Lest you think my life is all sunshine.

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On this blog I often post the highlights of my life and leave out the bad days. Because really, what fun would that be, if all I did was post negative things?? But I think it's important to show the bad days too, on occasion, simply so no one is under some crazy pretence that my life is perfect.

So the weekend? It was littered with some good times here and there, and the rest of it all turned out to be a crap sandwich. Pardon my...french? But you guys, it was MISERABLE. Mister J has a monster molar pushing through and for some reason he is being extra overdramatic about this one. He has been clingy and whiny, and if I had kept count I wouldn't be surprised if he averaged two hundred temper tantrums a day. I pumped him full of ibuprofen and tylenol and even gave him popsicles in the bath tub to freeze his gums. I tried the Mcdonalds playplace and the Fun Park, you know, to get some energy out. All which resulted in more temper tantrums rolling around the dirty public floors in front of people who must have thought it a shame that I had such an unruly toddler. My goodness, it was exhausting! Every ounce of my emotions were drained by the time I hit the bed last night.

Well, I mean there was more than just mister J and his issues. There was also quite the sucker punch when I found out about the fatal car accident on Saturday night. One of the fatalities was an old friend who managed the cafe I waitressed at throughout college. Not only that, but he is the brother of mister J's preschool teacher. He and his dad were killed almost instantly in the crash, and my heart has been heavy ever since. It's like a movie reel in my mind that keeps going and going. Flashes of memories from when we worked at the cafe. Flashes of what spirits he and his dad must have been in before the crash. I picture them talking and laughing, almost reaching home before it happened. Flashes of sweet teacher Michelle when her phone rang, someone delivering the heart wrenching news that would change her life. The sweet woman whose family has already endured so much this year, with her husband losing his job. It's all too much to handle and I wish there were something I could do!

Then there were all of the little things that kept kicking me in the back of my knees. Finding someone to watch Jace last minute, running clean out of wet wipes in the middle of a poopy diaper, not realizing I didn't have my debit card until I was already at mcdonalds and ordering my breakfast... All the things that just keep going and going and going until you think, "GEEZ, this is just NOT my WEEK!!!"

And anyway, you see? It's been a long, exhausting five days. And counting.


To end on a good note, one of the good things that happened over the weekend was a date on Friday with our favorites. Let me leave you with the good:

(ordering dinner at texas roadhouse)
Waitress: How would you like your steak cooked?
Lacey: Easy baked.
Waitress: (confused)
Lacey: Uh... Over easy??
Waitress: (still confused)
Me: You mean, medium rare??
Lacey: YES! Thank you! ...Medium rare!

Can I get a big LOL there? Because we did just that, laugh out loud and laugh out loud again. I love that girl. (And in her defense, she is working graveyard shifts on top of being a mama to two active boys, so no judgments! ;))

And the other funny:

We went to see Warm Bodies. LOVED it, btw. But we were a little surprised when a sweet old lady, must have been in her 80's, came in and sat behind us with her son. She had a purple dress and big purple earings, and reminded me of someone from downton abbey. After the movie we asked her what she thought.

"Well, this was the first Zombie move I have ever seen." She pauses, smiles, and says, "I think I'd rather be at home watching 'I dream of Genie'!"

Props to you, sweet old woman, for accompanying your son to the zombie movie!


  1. Nice megs, nice! Thanks for not letting anyone judge me :-)

  2. Love the pink ombre pants! And that's a funny conversation. Haha.

    followed you back too :)