Twenty-five things about yours truly.

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ONE // I'm addicted to chewing gum
TWO // I'm always cold. Whether it be the cold utah winters or the beaches of mexico. (and apparently the only exception to this is when I'm preggers, in which case I'm always hot. Cookin a baby ain't no joke.)

THREE // I hate deep cleaning. I almost always have a tidy house, but don't ask me when the last time I scrubbed my toilets was...

FOUR // When I was 15 years old I shaved my eyebrows *almost* all the way off. It was tragic. As was my first drivers license picture, which has since been destroyed for EVERYONES SAFETY.

FIVE // I love getting older. I'm getting wiser and prettier and falling more in love with myself. Being young is for the birds.

SIX // I have truly unruly nose hair that is getting worse with age. (I get that from my dad, thanks a lot.)

SEVEN // I also have circus freak toes. Just ask anyone. (Also inherited from my dad...)

EIGHT // I love taking walks. And not at all for burning calories, purely for thinking.

NINE // I eat when I'm nervous. I've been known to eat a whole apple pie in seconds if it's in front of me when I'm having anxiety about something.

TEN // I only gain weight in my stomach and my face, I never gain a pound anywhere else.

ELEVEN // I am not a morning person. I am not a night owl. I lose.

TWELVE // I am not remotely athletic. Yet I find with a lot of practice I can be pretty mediocre at some things, like running and tennis. (that was a joke, I am terrible at tennis.)

THIRTEEN // I hate the quiet and always have music playing in the background.

FOURTEEN // I am an eternal optimist.

FIFTEEN // I cry every time I laugh.

SIXTEEN // I only wash my hair at nights, and only once MAYBE twice a week.

SEVENTEEN // My goal in life is to be a classy lady like Jennifer Aniston.

EIGHTEEN // I have the ability to see the points of each side in any give debate. On which note, I hate debating.

NINETEEN // I have the wrists of a ten year old girl.

TWENTY // I am a terrible decision maker.

TWENTY-ONE // I dream of living in the city.

TWENTY-TWO // I am a softie when it comes to animals. Hippie animal lover, right here.

TWENTY-THREE // I'm no cook, but I can bake. And really that's the best of the two, right?

TWENTY-FOUR // TMI: I can't go #2 in a public restroom. Or really, anywhere besides my home. It's a terrible curse.

TWENTY-FIVE // If there is anything I am naturally good at, it's being a mother. It turns out I'm a great mom. Who would have thought?!

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