A picture a day. And HELLO TO SPRING!

 photo 98B6CFA5-F721-4E7D-8E4C-E4320DDC9EC7-2563-0000027B0E5E9C65_zps1066fbdc.jpg photo 8F4DABBD-7125-4C39-8385-F1E11719569F-2563-0000027B1AFAAFBC_zpsb607568c.jpg photo 781C9AE1-93CD-406F-A30D-ACBDCB492E68-2563-0000027B2BB374E8_zps03f3bd9c.jpg photo 4AAFFB89-2DD7-4CC7-B21C-DD13C9F1B8FD-3791-000003C260634398_zps2e835d08.jpg photo 6468EB7B-F893-4BF0-8AED-3451FA47DF66-5786-00000633978684F9_zps1058deed.jpg photo 9EF38343-FF4A-49DD-A075-E57620F1D1CB-5786-00000633AB887218_zps4ef71ecf.jpg photo B3132664-E3D0-4430-96EF-68F373189BA3-6731-000007630DD38689_zps23c5dfc6.jpg

friday // date night.
saturday // mister J is in heaven at the riding lawn mowers section of the store.
sunday // sunny weather drive to grandma's house.
monday // look what daddy brought home for mister J, an oversized box!
tuesday // bike riding.
wednesday // hanging out with uncle roger.
thursday // blowing mama kisses on his way to school.

^^^^^^^^^^^^    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

This morning mister J decided he was ready to face the day at FOUR THIRTY, and I tell you what, I am not my best self at four thirty in the morning. After over an hour of rocking and reading and cuddling, I gave up. But of course, then daddy stepped in and did what daddy's do best, and somehow he got the kid to go back to sleep. But only for another hour or so, and then he was up and it really was time to face the day. I don't do mornings, not even on a good morning, so when I had to get up at four thirty I'm especially cranky.

Then mister J spent the morning talking to me by calling me 'baby', and my goodness if that won't take away cranky morning-ness then I don't know what will. And now here I am drinking a diet dr pepper for the first time since my stomach issue, and it tastes a little like heaven! EVEN though it's diet.

And also, how about this weather, huh??  TO DIE FOR, that's what I say. I love me some Springtime! My freckles have never been happier, I tell you. Lots of sun soaking-up going on around here this weekend.

And HOPEFULLY, lots of sleeping in. Someone tell my little guy, okay? We don't do mornings mister. Come on now.

{PS} Logan peeps: I hope you are all coming out to support Scott Rogers and his wife Rachel tomorrow morning! Scott was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer just weeks ago, and just one month after he and his new bride were married. His friends put together this event to help them financially, and it's one of those situtaions where you just want to do all that you can do! There is a 5k run, a mile walk, baked goods, jewlery, raffle tickets... Come support! Message me or look on my facebook page for more info. Hope to see you guys there!

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