It's me!

I'm alive!

Did you know that five days without twitter and instagram an iPhone is a little bit miserable? I felt so disconnected. Which some might say is sad, but not me, no siree. I love my social media social life! I missed it so!

You see, last weekend my iPhone kissed the sidewalk and needless to say, it did not end well. And then my new phone that was sent in didn't work either so they sent that one back, and then this and that and what not and what have you, and geez. But I have it back at last, and just in time to instagram a bazillion pictures on mister J's big day tomorrow! I know, I know, what would you have done without me instgraming it all? I don't how anyone would have LIVED through it, really.

This is all needless to say that I do not have my Friday post of a week in pictures, because I hardly took a picture at all.
And also, I'm trying not to let this snow get to me. We have our whole day planned out tomorrow for mister J and his birthday. Those plans include Hogle Zoo and icecream and tractors and shopping, but nowhere do they include cold and snow?! March is for the birds. Snow or no snow, we will make the best of it. Because almost NOTHING beats birthdays! We love 'em!! And we get daddy to ourselves all weekend long, no sharing him with work. Hot dog!

So listen. I'm sort of feeling like I am in a slump lately. Not in life so much as in writing. I don't know if I should apologize or if it matters at all, but when it comes to me and writing, I just have to feel it. It's a little bit spiritual for me, this whole writing business. It comes to me in dreams at night, it nags my mind, it feeds my soul, and all of this until I can't take it anymore and I'm forced to write. Whether it be on my blog or hand written in a journal, or a simple document saved to my desktop. But it also comes in waves. Sometimes it's all I can do not to write all day everyday. And then other times, I could go weeks or months without writing about any of it.

Odd, right? But that's the life, and right now I haven't had many spiritual writing connections of sorts. Oh but I will. I can feel it. It's like the typical demands that rack my brain are giving me a little vacation, but they will be back real soon. I have lots in the back of my mind that's just waiting for the day it can come to the surface and fill pages with thoughts and dreams.

Why I had to tell you that is beyond me. I tend to tell everything rather than nothing, and it's all probably just silly. I guess I thought maybe one of you was wondering why I seem so moody on here. Consider that my explanation!

I love that none of you give up on me. I love that you read my blog and stay in my life and make me the happiest girl. I love you all!

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