Oh hey, it's yo' birfday!

Over the weekend we celebrated mister J and his second birthday. I wrote off plans for a birthday party months ago. The thought of the stress that would come from planning and throwing a party for a two year old gave me anxiety. And if just the thought gives you anxiety, well you can imagine! So I said, this year is going to be all about mister J. We had some little celebrations with family, and on his birthday we took him to salt lake city and made a day of it.

We had hoped for warm enough weather to hit the zoo, but the weather decided to show us up. Well played, mother nature. Instead we trekked to the aquarium in sandy and by golly it was fun too! Although I was just hoping to see a nice big shark. Those things fascinate me! But we settled for penguins and sea otters and a big friendly octopus.

Sure, the weekend was all fun and games, but today came the dreaded two year doctors appointment and that wasn't fun at all! I'm so proud of my little mister and how well he handled it. You know, considering. We took him to the mcd's playplace afterwards to celebrate, and he's been a champ ever since!

 photo B53E33B7-FA3F-4253-8D74-2F22E1142C91-5358-000004F2C5E6E906_zpsa8eb8841.jpg  photo 195E4055-0156-43F1-ACFC-35F30E26D357-5358-000004F2B671A158_zps75672e94.jpg  photo 2FB456BA-0C0A-4A83-9DAB-F04C3C67A106-5358-000004F2AF061C31_zpsfb2fd895.jpg  photo B1808D3D-8D41-4C68-BF02-70A3761D6772-5358-000004F2A693F84A_zpsa53f458a.jpg  photo 97F2466E-A1E6-4211-8DA1-10F5C88855A3-5358-000004F29A1A1CB1_zpsf4d32337.jpg  photo 8D6D62A9-ACE4-4BDD-9BD8-A4C330FBDDBF-5358-000004F292D7CBDE_zps68d2a8c1.jpg  photo 353BDEEF-5E12-434D-A186-CA8310A209AF-5358-000004F285D6C815_zps21dec7f9.jpg  photo 0C3B5EE0-F2CE-47B7-AE97-5FF66596D633-5358-000004F27EEFD802_zps50f2108e.jpg  photo 4306787C-6477-4105-BA6A-2D81660DBA78-5358-000004F277AB4314_zpsb6e09c7d.jpg  photo 335AE99B-0962-46AF-8788-3DDB60C789E5-5358-000004F268457CF5_zps910f8039.jpg  photo E472E853-C652-417D-9B1E-3EA1F1B460F9-5358-000004F26FB63303_zpsf9e42085.jpg  photo 6423DAE9-4A16-432B-9E51-BE1790D91B0C-5358-000004F25A3A24A4_zps847de281.jpg  photo ABBC380D-F210-4C63-B2E3-169AEF9A5BEA-5358-000004F2467477EC_zps863e21e7.jpg  photo 7C754E0B-D13C-43A2-89C7-74A34A399F1A-5358-000004F23F88F89B_zps7b46f179.jpg  photo 765CA547-81A4-4030-A6F9-3BBB93152F1B-5358-000004F234524252_zpsa78f8d3d.jpg  photo 93C722A0-1428-45E0-8F06-8450C040E200-5358-000004F22F3353CF_zps393bcd64.jpg  photo C17A9397-0AC5-47C5-AC88-6789416F4104-5358-000004F227E888B4_zpsdefbe5c7.jpg  photo A3FDB009-F27F-46CC-8788-CFFEAB395CE9-5358-000004F21DD12E73_zpsef3a09b6.jpg  photo DA9CCD1D-D7A1-4C86-927F-4CAB6F3519A0-5358-000004F2181902B2_zpsebd18fa4.jpg
Just look at the chunkster himself, eating his cake. Have you ever seen a happier boy?

And I'll leave you with the video of us singing happy birthday. Mister J has always loved birthday parties, singing happy birthday to someone and watching them blow out the candles. This year it was so fun to have him recognize that it was HIS turn! He was so happy and proud.

We love you J man! TO THE MOON AND BACK! My not so little two year old. Here's to another year of fun!

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