A thought or two (or three) about FRIENDS.

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Life with a two year old tends to be a lot of pep talks to myself. The most common pep talk going on in my head as of late goes like this: Who is the boss, you or him? You are the boss. You are the boss. You are the boss.

When it's time to leave the playground, when he wants juice instead of milk, when he wants to play on the ipad but he's already used up his alloted time...etc, etc, and so on and so forth. I'm constantly reminding myself not to bend. Stick to my guns!  I'M THE BOSS!

It's much harder than you would think.

There is no doubt that my two year old is absolutely aware of the constant battle in my mind. He knows that it's tough for me to be the boss sometimes, and he takes full advantage of my weakness by pushing his perfect pouty face to the max. How unfair, I know.

His newest move goes like this:

Me: No, Jace! We don't do that! (insert whatever lecture I am giving for whatever naughty thing he has done)

Jace: (happy as can be with the sweetest smile on his face) Hi mom! Hi! Hi mom!

Me: Uh...hi, baby. Hi. But remember, we don't-

Jace: HI MOM! Hi. Hi mom!

Me: Oh forget it.

See what I mean? He's a smarty pants, this kid.

Life with a two year old is fun though, it really is. A lot of work, but FUN work, you know? The kind of fun that makes your heart explode from cuteness overload every dang day. Keeping me young and active and all that jazz.

But although I start every post here with my two year old, probably because he holds my heart, the real reason I'm here today isn't to talk about that pep talk. It's a different pep talk and a thought that has been running through my mind often lately. And what do I do when something keeps running through my mind? I come to my little home on the world wide web and tell you all about it.


Stay with me here. You see, lately I've been feeling sort of, pinch me am I dreaming, you know what I mean? When life is so good and you feel like you have everything at your fingertips, and you wonder why you ever complain at all? That's how I feel lately.

And the thing about me is that I am great at being an optimist and having a positive outlook on life, but I'm really really hard on myself. Which sometimes cancels out my half glass full attitude. I'm always pushing myself to be better, do better, be more, do more, until I haven't changed a bit but I'm blue in the face from trying. I don't get depressed easily, but I do get frustrated with myself easily. So these moods, these pinch myself moods when I realize how great life is and how I don't want to change a thing about myself, well they are some kind of relief. A burden off my shoulders, a break from being so hard on myself.

And then I watch the news and I feel overwhelmed with sadness, my little heart cracks and I kick myself for having such a good life. Who am I?! All of these people suffering and hearts breaking all over the world, and who am I. But the thing is...how else should I live? Because I'm sure my life will take it's turns, as it has before, where everything goes from good to hell and you just have to get through it. I can't live life worrying about what will happen to us in the future, or feeling guilty for being happy right now. And ultimately I'm just making it through, just like the next person.

And I think if anything, I am a good friend. Because if every single person in the world was a good friend, and we all had good friends, no matter what hell we went through life would be that much easier. If you need a shoulder to cry on, some comfort, some fun...whatever you need, I'm your girl. YOU, call me RIGHT NOW and I promise to be your friend. As long as you promise to return the favor. Because one thing some people seem to be confused about is that this friendship gig isn't a one way street. If you want friends, you have to be one yourself, and that's just how it will always be.

As for me, I love friends. Real friends. I love having my life FILLED to the brim with people that I can call, text, go to lunch with, plan dates and vacations and keep me company when I really really need it. Friends, they are the best. The more friends I make, the more I am just sure that this is why we are here. We are here to show kindess and make friends, to be there for each other, to lift each other up, to understand each other and love each other. It just MAKES SENSE, doesn't it?

Stay away from the people that don't want to be your friend, or the people that don't return the favor when you are there for them. Stay away from the people who weigh you down, because life is too short for that. Be careful not to burn the bridges that you'll want to cross again one day. Don't hesitate to be a good friend, and more so, don't hesitate to make friends. The more real, genuine people you surround yourself with, the better your life will be.

That's the real truth that I've learned for myself. And I consider ALL OF YOU my friends.

The love is exploding around here. Can you feel it??

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