Fourth of July festivities!

 photo FA228673-46A3-4BA6-94B0-0ED098211610-12023-00000B34C3217696_zpsdd07856b.jpg
// We caught this gem on camera on the drive to grandma's house. Hauling the big equipment on the freeway! The semi driver seemed so genuinely pleased with himself that we were snapping pictures of it. In fact, I am almost sure he was playing a "let's see how many people will take pictures of this" game. What a fun semi-driver, no??

 photo EFD3BAA1-E073-469F-8236-EBE3E647378F-12023-00000B34CBA7E110_zpsad21aea7.jpg photo CC928D40-29B6-4F7C-9F67-6B47EA438A9E-12023-00000B34E0222FA9_zps119bd49b.jpg photo B82220F1-55F3-4439-A9E4-68BCA01594E8-12023-00000B34D73F68DF_zps03a43c03.jpg photo E73E1B5A-ABC2-4487-9F40-1050B41B77B5-12023-00000B34E9819C6A_zpscacf29b4.jpg
// Wednesday for dinner we attended a block party bbq at grandma's new digs. Even though we didn't know anyone, we made ourselves at home and I stuffed my face with those tiny vanilla cupcakes that tasted like freedom. I also forced the hubs into taking a "quick" family picture at said block party, which is funny because a "quick" family picture happens to take much more time and effort than one would think when you have a two year old boy. We had a few failed attempts and a very stressed out husband who does NOT like feeling stupid, but ESPECIALLY not in front of a large group of people who we don't even know. He survived though, as I told him he would, and we found a way to capture a semi-descent shot with dad looking slightly annoyed and little dude looking slightly distracted. I suppose I could accurately say: the usual!

  photo A1EA86CB-CC00-4A82-895D-BC0B4EE77452-12023-00000B34FEAA713F_zps1c4f29ce.jpg photo D916DA17-1351-403A-B576-A65F298996AD-12023-00000B34F263F268_zps48cdce64.jpg
// That night we walked to the fireworks show, which I assumed would be a couple of blocks away when in fact it was much farther than I assumed. With no stroller nor mosquito repellent, we braved the sidewalks, getting distracted easily all while being eaten alive by the mosquitos that crave my sweet blood far above the rest. When I was ready to plop myself down on the road and call it quits, would you know what kind of miracle showed it's face? TACO TIME, that's what. A potty break + a large dirty dr pepper later and I was good as new. (I also was wide awake until the wee hours of the morning, but hey. you win some you lose some.) When we finally arrived at the park there was music playing and the smell of cotton candy in the air and all of it was so perfect for the fourth of july feeling that we all love. As we sat on our blanket and watched the show of fireworks in the sky while listening to the radio blaring God Bless The USA, I teared right up and my cup runneth over. I always tear up while watching the fireworks show, and I'm always overwhelmed with gratitude for my love of this country and all of my blessings. It was a perfect night.

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// Little dude slept in until TEN THIRTY on the fourth and oh my, was I ever proud! We slept right through the pancake breakfast and the parade, but grandma brought home einstein bagels so we felt okay about it all. We sure loved grandma's new house!

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 // We sort of spur of the moment decided to hit a lunchtime matinee, little dude's VERY FIRST movie in the movie theatre! Our first plan was to see Monsters University, but due to large crowds and matinee times we last minute decided on Despicable Me 2, and that was an act of fate because we all loved it so. Taking J to his first movie was exciting and nerve wrecking all at the same time. I honestly didn't have high hopes that it would turn out well, I went into the movie expecting the worse, and would you know that kid sat through the entire movie?! He loved it. We loved it. Go see it! And if you dare, take your two year old!

  photo 17C1EADA-7909-48C8-95CE-08963DF981F8-12023-00000B351C4ECC28_zps49534e6e.jpg photo DC9DDD37-9FC1-433A-BE31-3502135B666B-12023-00000B3524ABBA0F_zps09b65d0b.jpg photo D6754197-2BCD-4BB3-9E17-4DC647711ACE-12023-00000B352BDEAC0C_zpsb83cb8f2.jpg photo 87A564DA-FD8D-4BC5-8B17-0B311DBD25E6-12023-00000B3533FA8D5E_zps775e1a85.jpg photo 613CCEB2-FAAA-42B1-BF7B-743D67369A7B-12023-00000B353D8A22B9_zps73d9e0bc.jpg   photo 70C7F477-351F-42E4-9B13-B1C11BADFC1A-12023-00000B354FABCDD5_zpse3ec5d19.jpg photo DC3BA37D-B340-423B-9E2F-8A027E82BDE6-12023-00000B35634E5C2C_zps28069ad2.jpg photo B1AC649F-A657-4F94-8C48-A192F832EA3B-12023-00000B3571CD5B4B_zps96419d75.jpg photo FA10D167-AC71-4ACA-80B7-70D79CDBF873-12023-00000B37496419D6_zps74d7e0f1.jpg photo 578093C4-E471-42BE-8C0B-ECBED4147827-12023-00000B37512DC1DA_zpsa2dd1747.jpg photo 7208D48D-0552-4885-A455-F80474180D46-12023-00000B3757F1FF6B_zps99b9d1c8.jpg photo 30B4F671-C334-4599-B61A-F84201B36749-12023-00000B35780755FF_zps927dcf26.jpg
 // post matinee lunch from our fav, in-n-out burger, followed by the rest of the afternoon spent at the pool and splashpad. It was gloriously hot and perfect. And in case you're wondering, yes Dan DOES get tired of me taking pictures all of the time.

 photo BED01357-D7DD-4F73-B971-28997B512A84-12023-00000B357DF9A96F_zpsb55c3e2d.jpg photo AE856DA9-02A3-41BD-B8FD-3FED6FB029B0-12023-00000B358C461DB0_zpsa7de8376.jpg photo 8CFBAD07-EC4B-4C04-B4F3-51C9A721EBA6-12023-00000B359185AAB1_zps5197ef56.jpg photo 50DC1DDB-53E6-481A-A82B-4915E213FDA2-12023-00000B3598783158_zps1c68c670.jpg photo F466A558-34FF-4B56-8541-14094ABDF938-12023-00000B35A1698B99_zps7660af07.jpg photo 24B6BEC3-2AE1-460F-B8D1-D9D1D1AB8E22-12023-00000B35A6C397FA_zps4561b4bd.jpg photo 6A8B596C-4E18-4194-BCC1-CD2B0C7823CC-12023-00000B35AD670BBB_zps881697f3.jpg photo 6AC19DB4-5949-432E-B0E2-BDCF64676CA0-12023-00000B35B8F67F24_zpsae4650b0.jpg
// After the pool we had popsicles and shish kabobs and lit fireworks on the street. That curly head of hair there loved the fireworks, which was a relief because at this age you never quite know if they are going to be scared poop-less or not. He did often request us to plug his ears for the loud ones that whistle, but who doesn't plug their ears for those?! And then we fell asleep listening to the neighbors fireworks until three in the morning, but I wasn't bugged at all even though I was exhausted and JUST WANTED TO SLEEP, because of course I understood that it's a holiday, but MAYBE THEY SHOULD MAKE A NO FIREWORKS AFTER MIDNIGHT RULE??! And also, that's probably how I know I'm getting old.

I hope you all had a fabulous holiday! It's the most wonderful time of the yeaaarrr!

PS I'm sorry that I couldn't be bothered to edit my iphone pictures and make them semi-acceptable before I posted them here. It's a little bit of laziness and a lota bit of not having much time in between all the summer activities that are still going on. Let's be honest, we're all lucky we got a blog post today at all! Thank you. Over and out.

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