Birthday week continues.

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Yesterday was Dan's big day, I'm sure you heard.

Due to celebrations and a busy day at work I didn't have time to write a post dedicated to the man. But here I am and would you look up there at that pathetic amount of photos I took yesterday? TWO. Holy moley, what a low point for me. But before you paint me into this judgmental picture of a selfish human being, let me defend myself: I was too busy waiting hand and foot on the man to make sure he felt special all day, that I didn't have any free hands to take pictures! Is that a good enough excuse? Because it's mostly true.

The hubs, he decided not to take work off for his birthday this year. Because it fell on a wednesday, which is the second most boring day of the entire week. Instead he took this weekend off so that we could hit the road and do some birthday celebrating on the less boring days. But what fun is celebrating a birthday when it's not your birthday? So I tried my hardest to make sure that he had a grand day, even though it was a boring workday wednesday and all.

First I woke up early and snuck out of bed to get him breakfast: a sausage egg & cheese mcgriddle and a caramel mocha, no whip cream! It was also just my luck that I got stuck behind a school bus that had to wait ten minutes on all of those high school late risers. Listen here, I never enjoy my mornings but especially not before a cup of coffee and especially not when I'm stuck behind a school bus for ten minutes while I'm trying to surprise my husband with a birthday breakfast. It was dreadful.

Anyway, I barely made it back home in time to meet the hubs who was sitting on the front porch waiting to leave for work. Pheww. Happy birthday baby! Here's some breakfast! And here's your present that I didn't have time to wrap! Have fun at work! I love you! A smack on the bum and he was off to spend his day installing tv's or whatever he does.

After he left I spent the morning filling every crock-pot we own (two, that would be two of them) with thawed chicken and cleaning the house because my husband didn't know it but we had company coming over after work! The house would be filled with friends to celebrate the birthday boy and eat chicken salad sandwiches, which I only hoped would turn out since I had never made them before. I taped up some birthday decorations and had five minutes left over to get myself ready for the day before mister J and I headed out the door.

Am I boring you to death?

I'll jump ahead here. AFTER work I made the hubs play upstairs with mister J while I finished preperations and waited for our company to arrive. And arrive they did! Friends from all ends of the valley stopped by to fill their stomachs and chat with the birthday boy. We spent the entire evening in good company and my heart swelled with pride. Do you know how many great people we have in our lives? And how lucky are we?!

And anywhoo. That was the birthday but it's not over yet, no siree. Tonight I have Dan's favorite dessert: worms in dirt, followed by the season premiere of grey's anatomy and parenthood. (okay you caught me, those tv shows are not dan's choice...) And then tomorrow we are heading out of town for the evening to spend some time with Dan's friends out of the valley. And sunday will be the end of celebrations with a family dinner and BAM. That ends his birthday for real. For reals, as the cool people say.

But if I had made time for a post yesterday dedicated to my birthday boy you would have had to put up with some real mush. I mean mushy mush, you guys, because I'm so head over heels for this guy and I could just cry when I think about how happy I am that he was born. I love celebrating it, because he's my very favorite person in this whole entire world and he deserves to really be celebrated, you know? Let's just fast forward past all of the mush that is flowing from my soul and I'll just say this to the man: Happy happy birthday loverrrr. I'm glad you were born so that you could meet me and marry me and make me better in every single way. I sure love you.


PS spell check didn't pick up on the word "snuck" when I was writing up there, so I googled it and found this absolutely intriguing article. Who knew?! I'm on the snuck bandwagon, just so we are clear.

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