friday + food + a video

IT'S FRIDAY! praise the lord.

i told the hubs just yesterday how fantastic this january has been. fanstastic is relative, of course, because it hasn't been as fantastic as a cruise or a piece of cheesecake by any means. but compared to januarys past, this has been fantastic. the month is already almost over? how did that happen? because i distinctly remember january of 2013 lasting approximately ten years. and anyway, thank goodness for a january that goes fast!

if you want a peek into my life lately, let me fill you in: my world revolves around food and i'm a bottomless pit that could just eat and eat and eat some more. i love food. don't you love food? anyway, i do eat pretty healthy generally and my motivation to work out has returned so, i suppose that's to my advantage. and of all things, baby doesn't love the candy and sugars and chocolates thank goodness. but baby knows good food and knows what it wants and by golly, who am i not to give the baby what the baby wants?! my worst enemy and best friend is taco time...that taco time and it's gosh dang stuffed mexi fries will always lure me in.

and speaking of food, have you valley friends ever tried the italiano crepe from the crepery? because if you haven't then you are most surely missing out on the finer things in life. i can't get enough of that pesto. (i may or may not have eaten three italiono crepes just this week. but i digress.)

and if you are wondering why i didn't use capitalization in this post, it's because today is friday, remember??

but let's move on, because i have a real treat today. this is a video of mister j singing some made up songs. he sang and sang and sang his heart out before i finally got the smarts to pull out my video camera, so this is just he tail end of a very cute and hilarious singing session. at the end of each line he would stop and wait for us to cheer.

"i lub outside! i lubbbb outttt-siidddee!"

he melts me, this cutie pie of ours.

happy friday! enjoy!

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  1. What a cute little man you have there! I love the age that Leland is at right now, but I know when he starts talking and singing he is going to crack me up on a daily basis and that will be a fun age too! Boys truly are the best!