IT'S A....


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(I slapped a bow sticker over our address because, you know, public blog and all...)

// IT'S A BOY!! //

Friday morning we had our ultrasound. I was nervous and excited and giddy like a little girl. At the time, I had no clue what the gender of this baby would be. I sort of leaned towards a girl, as I think most of us did. I had salad and seafood cravings and was extra sick, so it just felt like maybe that pointed to a little gal? But I always stuck to my words that I wouldn't be surprised either way!

The five month ultrasound is my favorite. It's when I feel truly connected to this little person inside of me. We watched in awe as the tech showed us piece by piece, our perfect creation.We got to see his perfect profile, which I can't stop staring at now. And what a show off we have! He gave a grand performance of wiggling around and waving hello and making it a point to really show off how big and healthy he is.

When the ultrasound tech showed us the grand finale picture of our unmistakable proof that we have a little boy, I let it really sink in for a few seconds and was amazed at how quickly it felt right and perfect. It was almost this moment of: yes of course! a boy! that's how it's supposed to be! In a matter of seconds I went from not being sure to truly feeling like this was our fate all along and I couldn't imagine it any other way. It felt like a puzzle piece in my life had been found. I didn't even know I was missing this puzzle piece, but oh that's right! There it is! And it fits perfectly!

I can't explain it well because sometimes it's hard to put things so full of feeling into words. I left that appointment on friday flying on a cloud, with a silly smile painted on my face that I couldn't wipe off. I was elated. Everything felt so right.

Another sweet little boy running wild in our home, and can you imagine? The trouble my boys will get into! I have spent the weekend painting pictures of our future in my head, filled with camping trips and rock climbing and two dirt faced best-friend little boys. This weekend has just been the cake you guys. We love him so much already.

I'm really sorry to be such a sap, but life is so dreamy right now. I am one lucky girl.

{PS}We have actually had little guy's name picked out for years. And his name will be (drum roll please)......


Middle name still pending.


Oh and here is a video of the big cake cutting reveal. I'm so happy that my sister-in-law thought to record this. I've watched it a million times and I can't stop smiling.


  1. How fun! I love the gender reveal party idea. I'm happy for you guys. Two little brothers. How fun!

  2. So fun!! Congrats on another little boy!! And I love love the name Beck. So excited for your guys! We get to find out the gender in a couple of weeks and I am just dying to know--I'm not one known for my patience ;)