it is insanely vulnerable and slightly embarrassing to share pictures like this. so why do it?

ONE because i think we need to be proud of our accomplishments, and sharing them with the world promotes confidence. it's almost always a good idea to do something that scares you, i say.

TWO because it helps to motivate others, and you never know who could benefit from your motivation!

but have i mentioned that it's slightly embarrassing? because, it is.

anyway. i've been working my you-know-what off and i promised myself i would do this, so i'm doing it. i shared with you my six week post baby plan here, remember that? on top of what was in my plan, i also:

>> purchased shakeology and for the past {almost} month i've been drinking my shakeology for lunch everyday.

>> purchased a fitbit flex, which i've used to track my calories and monitor my exercise/calories burned each day.

>> i ended up cutting out soda entirely, mostly due to the fact that the shakeology took away any cravings i had for it!

so here you are. i still have a ways to go on my stomach, to lose a little more and define some abs. but i'm most proud of my arms! when i get pregnant so do my arms, so toning those flabby thangs was one of my biggest goals. insert thumbs up emoji con here.

ps yes, my stomach is white and i realize that it looks weird. it hasn't seen sun yet, whatcanyado?! hashtag i don't waste self tanner.


  1. You seriously look awesome! You deserve to be proud!! And seriously, thank you for posting your pics--I am one of those people inspired by your hard work. Right now I am right about where you were in your 4 week pics, both physically and postpartum wise (and totally with you on the pregnant arms...). Anyway, thanks for the inspiration, you look amazing! :)

  2. You are looking DANG GOOD girl! (but you were looking great while you were pregnant, too!!) Way to be committed! :)