iphone photo dump + a haircut


as you can see, there are two different toddler boys in the pictures up there. one has long, luscious, thick blonde locks that are beautiful but unruly and most often hidden beneath a hat. the other boy looks five years older and has much shorter hair that is thick and spiked.

and that's because we cut his hair.

finally! sort of, i mean. it's just been a long time coming i suppose, in that we knew it would come eventually. i have loved that long hair. for a while, it was just a part of him. like the color of his eyes or the freckles on his nose. we expected him to be mistaken for a girl often by every elderly couple we encountered, and to be swooned to high heaven by everyone else. that hair would get us stopped every time we grocery shopped by someone who had to tell me how beautiful his hair was! and it was. it was so beautiful, it made all of the girls jealous. it was perfect.

but as he got older, he fought washing it. he fought brushing it. he sweated in it and the morning's style went to pot in ten seconds flat. it got harder to manage and i found myself looking forward to short hair.

that didn't make it any easier, mind you. i knew it was for the best. but still.

we eased our way into cutting his hair. weeks ago we brought it up, asking jace if he'd like to cut his hair or keep it long. we let him decide, and ultimately it was looking like daddy that won his heart. he is so very proud to have and do anything like daddy.

next week he starts at a brand new preschool, so we decided to do the cut before then. we took him to the salon and he sat there like a champ, wearing his spiderman cape and looking oh so big. i was so nervous i could have PUKED as i watched his hair falling by the handfuls! it was so very nerve wracking.

twenty minutes later and it was done. there was no going back. and somehow, our little boy grew up before our eyes. it was surreal, and i'm still getting used to "the new jace"!

oh how i will miss that beautiful head of hair.

but now we've got beck, whose hair is well on it's way to being thick and gorgeous just like his brother's. i will keep the long haired boy trend going in this family! so don't fret.

and listen, i'm really sorry that i just wrote a novel about a HAIRCUT. how ridiculous.

(bursts into tears)

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