birthday week begins!

i love birthdays, have you heard?

saturday was my big day and in three days it will be the hubs. we tend to extend the entire week into one nice big long birthday celebration. it's like the hanukkah of birthdays. (confession: i spelled that wrong ten times before i got it right.)

so this year i turned thirty, i think we covered that already. and i hope you came here for a detailed description of our celebrations, because that's what you're getting.

in the morning i slept in until 8:00. (which for me right now is noon in high school years.) when i came downstairs i was greeted with a beautiful array of presents. a fitbit scale, a new package of fitbit wristbands in assorted colors, a pair of boxing gloves and a rockhaus baseball cap. the hubs was concerned about getting me A SCALE for my birthday, because for some people that's probably like getting a VACUUM. but he knows me well because everything he got was perfect.

then i threw on my new cap, we dropped the boys off at grandma and grandpa's, took the dog up the canyon and set out to do some climbing. we climbed in eighty degree sunshine and even though they say it's fall it felt very much like summer. if there is one thing we do well, it's riding the coattails of summer until the very end! we never come inside in september! (thus my messy home.)

there was a spot about halfway up the climb when i couldn't find any good hand holds and i thought i was going to have to call it quits. i balanced on my shaky legs for about ten minutes trying to find good holds, and i nearly gave up. nearly. but by some miracle i made it past the hardest part and pretty much cake walked my way up the rest of the climb, where i reached the top and its amazing view and remembered how great and accomplishing it feels to do something really hard. while i stood at the top and beamed i thought of like fifty billion analogies for that experience, but i'll save those for another day.

and let's just say the hubs made the climb look easy. he usually does.

that evening we met up with our favorite group of friends to party the night away. we ate dinner at a local pizza parlor while the kids ran rampant and we might have gotten the stink eye from some very unapproving and cranky women. but it was my birthday, so... after dinner we hit up a mini golf course and this is where it got really fun. did i mention that we had seven kids all under the age of five? i thought it would be a huge disaster, but instead it turned out to be pretty friggin hilarious. i did feel sorry for the little couple in front of us who were oh so obviously on their first date. they had no idea they would have so many children on their date with them. i'm almost positive they went home and decided not to call each other again, so as to not risk getting married and having that kind of chaos in their lives just yet. (and good call! yer too young anyhow!)

but really, it was so much crazy fun and i want to do it again every weekend. i'm just sure that one day we will remember that night on the mini golf course with the chaos of these young kids and we'll think, awwww wasn't that the best?! i miss them!

after golf we ended the night at twizzlberry where we also ran rampant and somehow managed the miracle of a group shot, where we were only missing one husband so it was almost complete. my friends are the best, have i told you that before?

holy bananas, my life is good.

and now for a handful of iphone pictures from my birthday, in no particular order because apparently when i post pictures now i can't control which ones go where. thanks for that blogger.

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