iphone photo dump + a date night


// friday night the hubs and i had plans to go kayaking again for date night. we are in the stage of life with babies where i kind of live for date night. so the hubs got off work and grandma got to our house and i ran upstairs to change, when the hubs tells me that he's tired and he wouldn't mind if we just went to a movie instead. so i sat and pondered my options, as i often do in my indecisive states. i thought hard and i really considered the possibility because, well we truly haven't been to a movie at the movie theater in so long that i honestly can't remember the last time. it sounded sort of appealing, putting on high heels and lipstick and going out on a date where there would be a giant tub of buttery popcorn in my lap.

i truly am an indecisive person in the regards that i just want to make sure everyone else is happy before me. so i always end up with something like, well i really don't care either way, honest, so you choose and i'll be fine with it! but this time i sort of did care, in that i really would rather have gone kayaking in the end. so i said, well if you're reeealllyyy tired than i would be fine with a movie, but if you think you can get by with some caffeine than i'd rather go kayaking, but really i'll do either! because even when i make a decision i do it half-heartedly.

so the hubs said, kayaking it is! we said see ya soon to the boys and headed up the canyon, narrowly missing a date in a dark theater eating popcorn and watching a movie for two hours. and the entire time we were out on the kayak we were so very grateful that we narrowly missed that movie.

we watched the sun go down from the middle of the river while eating stuffed tater tots and chicken strips from a local deli. even after the sun went down, when the air chilled significantly and i had to put on my sweater and my teeth chattered when i talked, we still paddled along the edges of the dam and under the bridges and up the river. we talked about anything and everything and this is why, my friends, this is why i discourage too many movie date nights. because movie date nights are boring. if you want romance and long conversations, take a friggin kayak out for the evening, where you are stuck together for two hours straight surrounded by the magical beauty of the mountains and sunset, watching the ducks swim next to you and the fish jump ahead of you, and feeling so high on love and life that you could die happy. that's what i recommend.

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