I'm sure you heard, but Sunday at 10:30 a.m. sharp it was officially SPRING. Good riddance winter! Don't let the door hit you on the way out!

In our neck of the woods it hit seventy degrees on the first day of Spring. Is that golden or what? We had originally planned to do some rock climbing to celebrate the day. We packed up the car and headed out mid-morning, but after a long drive to our best kid friendly climbing spot, we found it was still thickly packed with snow. MARCH, you know, she's fickle. So we turned the car around and headed back down the canyon a ways where we ended up wandering a camp site near one of our favorite hikes and having a picnic.

But we weren't done there! By late afternoon the sun's warmth was at its peak, so we took advantage and packed up the skateboards for a family skate date. It was all so heavenly, like a big heaping plate of delicious summertime for dinner.

And now, our first day of Spring in looottttssss of pictures! It's what I do, you know.

Happy SPRING! Get out there and get you some!


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