Hawaii Part Four - Snorkeling, Kayaking, Beaching


One of the things that I love most about life with Dan by my side is that he makes me brave. We have so many adventures together and even when I am scared, if he is there with me I feel safe.

Since I was a kid I have had a pretty large and ridiculous fear of sharks. This fear stemmed from my big brother letting me watch Jaws with him when I was much too little. I do recognize that education on sharks and the ocean plays a huge role in overcoming the illogical fear that Hollywood has instilled in us, but overcoming that fear when I am actually in the ocean is another story!

So when we planned this Hawaii trip I went with a goal to kick my irrational fear's booty! The thought of snorkeling and kayaking in the ocean made me so nervous that I could puke, but you guys, I did it. I didn't know if I would be able to do it but I DID and I loved it and I was so terribly proud of myself.

We went snorkeling two different days on our trip. The first time we left on a boat ride early in the morning that lasted most of the day and took us to a few different sides of the island for snorkeling. We were lucky enough that a pod of dolphins ended up swimming beside us for a long while, not just one but TWO separate times. There were even cute baby dolphins the size of a football with the pod, and it was one of the cooler experiences I have had watching them jumping and swimming just arm lengths in front of us.

The snorkeling that day was amazing! The water was crystal clear to perfection. Along with all of the beautiful coral and colorful tropical fish, we saw an eel eating his lunch and we swam alongside of a family of giant sea turtles. Five of them! Hands down the sea turtles were my favorite part. We were so close that we could have reached out and touched them. (but we didn't! it would have meant a ten thousand dollar fine and possible human papillomavirus contraction, mind you.)

The second day that we snorkeled was hand in hand with our ocean kayak trip. We kayaked out in the ocean for a while and while we were out there our guide took us to a couple of good snorkeling spots. I didn't have a camera out there with me, so I wasn't able to get any pictures on the kayaks. But on this trip the kayaking was my favorite part, where the snorkeling wasn't as eventful. The water was a tad more murky this day and we didn't see much other then a quick encounter with some more sea turtles. But the kayaking was so rad, of course I knew it would be, and I can now check kayaking in the ocean off my bucket list!

I am always so stoked on life and it is always so worth it when I overcome my fears. I will have to do another blog post sometime with more snorkeling pictures. We have an SD card full of our underwater pictures, it was so much fun!

Listen now, don't you fret, I am winding down on these Hawaii posts! So many pictures! Choosing a handful of pictures out of the hundreds I have is so hard. (first world problems, amirite?) One more post after this should finish us off on Hawaii throwbacks, and then I hope to get the blog back to normal writing.

In general life has been a little bit of beautiful chaos since we came home from Hawaii, so finding time to write has been minimal and I need that back in my life. We took some time recovering from jet lag and to top that off, we came home to a toddler with a double ear infection, which was fun. And now it is racing season so I am starting training for some trail races and my first Gran Fondo which is coming up in July. Between work, kids, and getting outside as much as I can, life is a blur and when do I write?! But I will figure it out. I love the blur of warm weather shenanigans, it is my favorite kind of chaos.

Happy Hump Day Friends! Get out there and get you some!


P.S. my swimsuit is Victoria's Secret PINK for those who asked. :)

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