Rainy Days

The other day while we were hiking through some caves we stumbled upon a couple of new bolted climbing routes that we had never seen before. As we were admiring the routes, a group of mountain bikers near by began talking and we heard one of them who actually set the routes. One route was a 5.7, easy for kids, while the other was a 5.11, challenging for adults. PERFECT.

So we made plans to go rock climbing for family night. We invited our besties and headed up the canyon at dinner time following a beautiful sunny day, when BAM-down came the rain. It happened while we were driving up the canyon, a great big HA HA SUCKAHS! from mother nature herself. She is just a big prankster sometimes, that mother nature. So we sat in our truck munching on chips for an hour waiting for the rain to let up.

Which, it never did.

Instead of climbing that night we ended up sitting around the campfire to keep warm and roast hot dogs. I chased an energetic toddler around most of the evening, who was chasing around his big brother on the bike. It was a lovely end of day and so I snapped a few pictures, almost all of them blurry because, boys.

The beauty and greenery right now in the valley is the creme de la creme. Like a slug approaching a garden full of freshly grown vegetables, after a long trek we are creeping into the best time of the whole year. We have been moving so slowly that I can't be sure, but we might even be there already! This entire week as I have stepped outside early in the morning to run a trail or hop on my bike, the paragon manifests itself through dim light, soft songs of early birds, cozy but cool air, quiet contentment. Is this it? Are we here, have we surpassed the anxious anticipation now? Praise the Lord and Hallelujah!

What are your plans this weekend? Dan and I are taking off to do some camping, mountain biking and repelling in red rocks. It will be a short road trip, a whirlwind adventurous weekend kind of trip, but I am starting to believe that those kinds of weekends are our specialty!

TGIF friends! Get out there and get you some!


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