This week was bananas busy for me and today my brain is fried. So praise the lord it is fridayyyy! Come here friday, let me kiss your face!

Five things I have been enjoying tremendously this week:

1. This gourmet birthday cake gum. I AIN'T KIDDIN WITH THIS ONE. If you love birthday cake as much as I do, I swear this is THE BOMB DOT COM you guys. (I also saw a "rainbow ice" flavor in line at the store the other day, it's on my list to try.)

2. Cosmic Kids yoga. Have you tried this yet? Our boys have so much fun with it. We have the youtube app on our apple tv, where I can type "cosmic kids yoga" into the search and VWALLAH! Yoga sessions for free! (And here is a good article to read if you aren't quite sold on yoga for kids yet.)

3. These adorable bookends from target. (It should be noted that we thought that was a bear until I googled it for the link just now. It's a pig!)

4. This spot in the kitchen right now, with my favorite thrifted bread board. (I highly recommend rust orange for your kitchen walls if you are looking to paint.)

5. These bunk beds that were delivered this week! (Dog not included.)(You should know, I did not tell her to do that! I went into the room to take a picture and she plopped right down. Geez I love that pup!) Also, we got those duvet covers both at Ikea. It looks like they don't sell Jace's anymore but this is the one we picked up for Beck. We also snagged one of these rugs that the boys have been begging for, and you should know they are a much better deal at Ikea than at Home Depot! Bunk beds have been a long time coming, and the boys are in heaven with them. All of their wall hangings and decorations from the nibley house have been collecting dust in piles waiting for the arrival of these babies, so I am looking forward to finishing their room now. It really has some huge benefits, this sharing a room business. Maybe I will do a blog post on that someday!

I know that none of those pictures are great quality shots, but did I mention that I am beat this week? Do forgive me.

What are you doing this weekend?

We have a date with mi familia, a tent, the lake and some wave runners! Doesn't that sound like a good ending to Summer? I can feel it in my bones that Fall is just around the corner now. I don't know how summertime flies by so quickly every year, but I mean, does anyone? I truly find it to be one of the allures of summertime at all, one of its greatest charms, that it overflows our buckets with blistering heat and fairs and cotton candy and camping and early mornings and late evenings and in a whirlwind, just like a loud and colorful sixty-second commercial on the television, it is gone. That's the magic! Summertime you dog.

Happy Friday friends! Get out there and get you some!


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