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We spent some time at Bear Lake this weekend, which if you don't mind my saying so, is a perfect place to give summertime a hefty kick in the rear on her way out the door, you know what I'm saying? Because she is inevitably leaving, she always does, so we may as well help her really catch some air on the way out.


I love the tumult of summer, but now that we are nearing the end, I do hope Fall comes early this year. I love the cool mornings and the even cooler evenings that we are experiencing right now, but what I do not love is this transition period from the end of August when school starts through the end of September, when it is still mostly muggy and sweltering but yet you have completely lost the enticement of that summertime feeling. The fairs have packed up and the school supplies and orange leafy decorations are covering the walls at the stores and the word "september" in and of itself really feels like fall anyway, but what is it? Certainly not autumn! (though we should clue in those girls who are just too excited to wear their sweaters and boots even though it is still ninety degrees out.)(you should know, sometimes I am that girl.)

But why am I talking about September anyway? I still haven't wrapped my mind around it being August. I don't know how to cope with how fast this summer went. Obviously I'm doing a really good job.

The point is, we had a grand time at the lake. Jace was all sorts of grown up driving the wave runner while we sat behind him, giving him a feel for independence as he learned the rules and watched the speedometer with his hand on the throttle. He was in pure heaven speeding and turning and acting like a teenager. He may have even cried when we had to give those wave runners back. You know those weekends where you come home and as you are unpacking and getting undressed, you drop sand everywhere, until your house is basically just a giant sandbox of its own? I think that is a good sign of a mighty fine weekend, don't you?

Truth be told it is no piece of cake taking the littles to the lake. TRUTH. BE. TOLD. I am finding that what this parenting gig is coming down to is really just moments. It is utterly and thoroughly exhausting and so very hard as a whole, this business. But then there are these perfect lovely moments scattered around here and there throughout the demanding and tiresome and draining days.

One of those perfect moments came last night after a long and very patience-pushing day, when we were walking from the playground to the car. It was simple as that, though these moments typically do find us in those unremarkable and ordinary times.

Jace was riding on Dad's back and Beck on mine, when Jace held out his hand and Beck took hold. There we were, this perfect sized family of four. Us! My people! The boys held hands with giant goofy smiles on their faces, the smiles of kids who are genuinely happy and carefree, while we walked toward the car beneath giant willow trees and the setting sun peeking through the branches. And although it was inevitable that we would fight in the car, that Beck would scream his terrible-two-scream-for-fun scream, that vanilla ice cream would be spilled in the car, that we would go home to a whirlwind of a bedtime routine where no one wanted to go to bed, where taking a bath and getting in pj's is this big surprise again, where the boys would fight over every toy they own and I would fall asleep that night exhausted as an olympic wrestler...although that was all inevitable, I was able to slow down time to soak in those ten seconds. Because that was it. Those ten-second-moments sprinkled throughout the day, those short blips of happy and perfect, they get me through.

My inner voice is waving her hand in small circles right now, the classic sign for "wrap it up!!" because I am really blabbing in this post. So I will put down my cue cards to look out at the audience and skip to the end of my speech:

I LOVE MY KIDS. You should know that I love them. They are work work work but I do love the crap out of them. (mooooossst of the time.) I love my kids and we love the lake, Amen.

And now, Monday! If you're like me you need to wear a mouthguard today because Monday packs a punch, you know what I mean?

GOOD LUCK TO YA. Get out there and get you some!


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