Five Things


1. This candle that has been burning in my kitchen all week. Divine.

2. Grilled corn on the cob. Soak the corn in sugar water for about 20 minutes, then drop it on the grill (husks and all) for about 15 minutes (turning here and there). We get our corn fresh from my papa's garden or from the produce stands on the fruit highway.

3. Thrifted flannels. There is something about a good and used oversized (preferably mens) flannel shirt that just HITS THE SPOT. The thrift stores are chucked full of people's old flannels right now, it is my heaven over there!

4. These never ever get old. I watch them and just laugh and laugh and laugh.

5. This coconut syrup that my sweetest friend in Wyoming mailed me for my Birthday! Mixed in with these cute bottled dr pepper's that Dan bought me, it is perfection.

Happiest of Fridays folks! I am so glad the weekend is here. It is not just any weekend, mind you, it is another Birthday at the Croft casa! More cake! And if all pans out, a nice little weekend getaway in the sunshine at one of our favorite National Parks.

I hope you all have a good weekend!


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