I climbed a mountain to celebrate

My Birthday has come and gone. I have made another trip around the sun. It feels promising I suppose, although I can't quite decide what to make of it this year. In the grand scheme of things, 32 years is not very long at all. It is a blip. But in the grand scheme of things my entire life, however long I live, will only be a blip, won't it?

Anyway, for my Birthday this year, two days before I turned thirty-two, we crossed something off our bucket list by climbing Mount Timpanogos. It was an incredible adventure and one that really pushed me to my limits. Bagging peaks is a magical experience because it makes you acutely aware of how small you are while also making you feel incredibly invincible for having made the climb.

It definitely feels like a great metaphor for life. The climb is so challenging. You have some breaks, you see some wildlife and beautiful flowers and radiant changing leaves along the way. Sometimes you are *this close* to giving up because you think you might not be able to make it after all. But you decide to keep going, "the old heave-ho!" as Dan says, and in the end you have these incredible breathtaking views laced with spectacular feelings of accomplishment. I mean there must be a life lesson in there!

And now, here are a million and one pictures. Enjoy!


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  2. Breathtaking!! We are hiking this weekend for my birthday, too! It's obviously late ... We couldn't go the weekend before my birthday, and we need a whole day to do this particular hike, so this weekend it is! And I'm counting it for my birthday because I want my birthday to last forever. Haha!