It doesn't get any better then this...

Today I decided I needed to cook something delicious with all of the fresh veggies we've been given from friends and family that have gardens. So I came home and whipped up some Summer Vegetable Tian. Mmm-mmm delish!

I used Zucchini, tomatoes, and onions fresh from the garden along with potato. (recipe suggests squash as well.) I started by dicing my fresh onions and sauteing them with 1 tbsp of olive oil and some garlic powder/salt (the recipe actually called for minced garlic.) I thinly sliced the potato, zucchini and tomatoes, sprayed non-stick cooking spray into an 8x8 cooking pan, spread the sauteed onions in the bottom of the dish, then arranged the veggies in two rows. Cooked (400 degrees) for 30 minutes. Then added shredded mozzarella and cheddar cheese and cooked for another 15 minutes. Ta-da! Delightful.

The only problem with my yummy dinner was that Dan doesn't like zuchini OR tomatoes. So...I made him his own dinner. Spaghetti and garlic toast. Boring.

I have to brag a little though, since Dan was out taking care of weeds in the yard, I cooked my veggie tian and Dan's spaghetti all while feeding Jace his carrots and bottle at the same time. Talk about multi-tasking!

On to the little man is 5 months old today! I'm shocked. Where did the past 5 months go?! Check out my sweet little stud:

Jace talks like crazy. He is always chatting it up. He loves the sound of his own voice. He loves being outside. He holds his own bottle most of the time. He rolls over. I find him in the morning in all different positions and facing all different ways. He is happiest in the mornings. He is always smiling and laughing. He loves Rockie! She makes him laugh just by looking at him. He had his first hair cut. More like a little trim to fix up his mullet. He is working on sitting up. He lights up everytime he sees his daddy. We love him like crazy!!!

Seriously. Best five months ever.

And one more thing...we took Jace on his very first camping trip this past weekend! He had a blast and did soooo good. Sure it helped that we had a big fifth wheel with a/c and a cozy bed for him to sleep in.

We went to a place in Idaho called Massacre Rock State Park. It was awesome and beautiful! We did lots of biking, swimming, some disc golf, yummy dutch oven and s' much fun. I hated to leave!

Good, good times.

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